Rental Rates

Description of Fees

Prop Room + Studio Rental

Includes use of props and exclusive use of  the studio. Minimum rental is $50, you get up to 2 hours total, and must factor in your prep and clean up time.  Additional hours may be added for $15/hr.

Studio Rental 

Includes use of the studio with large furniture that is permanent in the studio.  Does not include newborn setup and smaller props.  Minimum rental is $40, you get up to 2 hours total, and must factor in your prep and clean up time.  Additional hours may be added for $15 per hour.

Sell Room Rental

Use of a general office space on the second floor of the Phoenix building to meet with clients, display and sell your work. $20 for up to 2 hours, or $10 add on to a rental for the same day immediately before or after your appointment.

Holiday Setups:

Each year we do multiple backdrops that include many different styles so all you need to do is show up with your clients and your camera.  You may also choose to set up your own Christmas sets.  We have plenty of props and accessories on hand so you can make your Christmas mini sessions special for a fraction of the expense to set up your own.  Holiday Setup rates are the same as our regular studio rates with a $20 copay.  There is also a $15 copay per visit for people who have memberships and prepaid cards.

2018 Christmas booking starts September 29th.  Sets available starting November 1st. Possible set ideas for 2018 include: A gingerbread house/cookie baking area (little kids); Swing;  chaise lounge/tree/fireplace set; bed setup; lit garland or wreath wall.

Alien Bee Rental:

We have two Alien bee 800’s and two 400’s with trigger system, umbrellas and soft boxes.  Must be booked in advance.   Need to learn? 1/2 hr. lesson on how to set up and sync with your camera will have you ready to go.  We recommend if you have no prior experience to do a practice session.

  • $10 one, $15 two ***Book in advance***
  • Use Lesson: $20 for 1/2 hr., optional 1 hr. rental time to practice for 1/2 off.

Prepay Plan:

Purchase 10 hrs. of studio time, or 10 light rentals at a discount.  Prop Rental + Studio = $200 ($50 savings).  Studio Rental = $175 ($25 savings). With a prepaid card you are able to break down your visits to 1 hour slots rather than committing to 2 hours per visit.


All memberships include use of the prop room and studio lighting.

Occasional Renter:  $30/mo.  This entitles renter to two 2 hr. visits per quarter (every 3 months starting on day of agreement). Additional hours may be added for only $15/hr.

Studio Supplementer:  $75/mo. This entitles renter to five hours of visits per month.  Additional hours may be added for only $15/hr.

Ultimate Renter:  $150/mo. This entitles renter to 12 hours of visits per month.  Additional hours may be added for only $15/hr.  Pay up front discount price $1500 for the year.

Damage Deposit:

A $50 damage deposit or credit card on file is required for all renters before each session.  You may keep the deposit running or be refunded after each visit.  Stained upholstery, pet accidents, excessive messes, damage to walls, broken furniture, etc. will be charged as necessary upon notifying you.  Newborn fabrics excluded (babies get a free pass).

Camera Rental:


Newborn assistance:

Need a little help on your newborn session, spotter couldn’t make it, or not yet comfortable posing on your own? I’m here to help! Hire me for $20/hr to assist you.  Please practice safe posing at all times.


My specialty is kids sessions and I want to help you in the area I am the strongest… I mentor child photography sessions! with 10+ years of experience and lots of tricks and tips to help you with kids 5 and under.  I’ll teach you how to photograph kids who are shy, busy, stubborn, upset, or kids with special needs, etc… and help you get them smiling almost every time.  I’ll teach you how to smoothly run multiple mini sessions in row, as well as getting the most out of a full kids session.  You’ll get inside advice you can pass along to your clients to prepare for their session.  We’ll cover lighting and technical one day, and hands on the second day.  $350 for two 2 hr.  workshops.  Add a friend for $100.

**Ask if you would like to become a mentor in another area of photography  for our studio!